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Health & Wealth Solutions

If you want to find a new engagement strategy or incorporate value-add programs to enhance your current benefits program, ASG provides proven solutions and expert advice to meet your needs.

What We Do


Assimilated Strategy Group (ASG) provides solutions to meet employees’ and consumer’s needs.

By effectively deploying our solutions, we are able to reduce overall health and wellness costs. ASG focus on key areas of Personal Health & Wealth and Health Care Enhancement Solutions. Our focus is to educate, engage, and empower members to utilize cost-saving solutions and help reduce overall costs for everyone.

Health & Wealth Solutions

Our Cost-Saving Solutions

ASG Health Program

An integrated program to enhance your health care plan and reduce costs.

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Healthcare is one of the most private and coveted benefits for any person. Even with health insurance, people need further help and assistance to navigate a complex system, save out-of-pocket costs, and reduce time spent to engage health professionals.

ASG Health Program provides a package of benefits to help employees and consumers when health care needs arise. Each component of the program is designed to reduce costs and improve upon the health insurance plan the member may be using.

Included in ASG Health:

  • Virtual Primary Care: including Urgent Care, Primary Care, Teletherapy, Men’s and Woman’s Health. Intelligent Referrals to Specialists, Labs & Images, Prescription Discounts, and Chronic Care Management.
  • Personal Patient Advocate: access to personal unbiased patient advocates to answer questions, resolve billing issues, help navigate a complex healthcare system, and much more.
  • Real Price & Quality Transparency: the ability to search for a lower-cost, high-quality provider in your geographic area.
  • Continuity of Care: integrated program with continuity of care with a member’s personal provider.
  • Engaging and easy-to-use Health Services Hub packed with many free resources to improve health.
  • $0 visit fee for member and priced on a single / family basis.

Unlike other solutions on the market today, we offer groups the same longstanding advantages of in-person primary care – but with a virtual platform. Happier employees and a better bottom line mean everybody wins!

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Urgent Care and Behavioral health program to save time and money.

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TeleHealth is booming now as employers and groups seek more ways to cut overall healthcare costs, and consumers increasingly use virtual technologies to save time and money in their daily lives.

The practicality and effectiveness of telehealth are clear. How to deploy and promote the solutions to members raise uncertainty.

This begs the question: Is it better to have a standalone telehealth solution or one that is buried into the health plan.

Problem: Members don’t know they have access, didn’t remember that they have access, or they choose not to access it. This results in low utilization, negotiating any cost-saving or productivity benefits.

The Solution: A standalone solution tackles these barriers and creates more opportunities to capitalize on the service, enhance that level of care, and increases member satisfaction.

ASG TeleHealth, powered by MeMD provides both urgent care and behavioral health benefits, and we can now offer Virtual Primary Care. Things that groups need to consider:

    • Access & Utilization: Members have access 24/7, 365 days a year from their home, work, or when traveling. Members are constantly reminded of their telehealth benefits.
    • Customization: We offer customizable pricing and configuration.
    • Underserved Populations: Traditionally, it is uncommon for non-benefit employees to have access to a robust health plan – yet absenteeism and productivity losses impact the business the same. Providing telehealth to these employees through a standalone option positivity impacts the bottom line.
    • Dependents: If health plan coverage is open only to employees, dependents do not have access to telehealth. With a standalone option, dependents are automatically covered.
    • Behavioral Health: Telehealth is widely issued for urgent care and injuries. Yet the fastest-growing segment of telehealth is tackling mental and emotional concerns that impact the workplace. ASG covers both urgent care and behavioral health.

Judge for yourself today by contacting ASG to help you design or improve your telehealth program.

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Price & Quality Transparency

Ability to find lower-cost, high-quality providers in your geographic region.

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People shop for big-ticket items like cars, houses, and vacations but rarely shop for the most important big-ticket item….their health. Costs for medical services can vary as much as 1000% from one provider to another, even within the network. And the quality of service is not the same from one hospital to another, even within the health system.

ASG Transparency, powered by Healthcare Bluebook™, allows Members to compare healthcare costs and quality by giving members the ability to search for services using common language, learn the Fair Price (the price they should reasonably pay), and compare providers for cost and quality within their local area.

ASG Transparency is coupled with our Patient Advocacy Service, which allows Members to have access to a Patient Advocate who can assist in finding higher-value providers, determine in-network status, schedule appointments, and transfer records.

On average moving a member from an expensive red provider to a quality, less expensive green provider saves on average $1500.

ASG Transparency is easy-to-use, informative, and helps employees understand pricing and quality issues within their healthcare market.

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Chronic Care Management

Improved chronic care management program that is personal and effective.

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Managing a patient’s care is complicated and a critical component part of your health insurance plan. ASG, partnering with Patient PAL, offers a Chronic Care Management Program paid through your insurance plan.

Why Chronic Care Management?

    • CCM is a critical component of care that contributes to better health outcomes and well-being for individuals, while building employer buy into better health care awareness with improved lifestyles.
    • Patient who are eligible for a CCM program may have multiple chronic conditions.
    • CCM offers more centralized management of employee needs and extensive care coordination among clinics, thereby reducing hassles for clinicians, employees, and caregivers.

When implemented effectively, CCM will introduce the following benefits:

    • Improved care coordination: CCM can help improve care coordination and health outcomes. Now clinicians will receive payment specifically in support of their provisions of care.
    • Support employee compliance and help caregivers feel more connected: Some health care professionals say CCM service help improve efficiency, improve employee care satisfaction and compliance, and decrease hospitalization and emergency department use.
    • Better health for employees: Better outcomes and connection to a personalized care management team. Employees and caregivers receive a comprehensive plan that is easier to manage.

See how Chronic Care Management can bring a positive outcome to your health plan by contacting ASG.

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COVID-19 Resources

Resources to help you manage COVID-19 within your company.

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In January 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of a new coronavirus disease.

Outbreaks of novel virus infections among people are always of public health concern, and we are committed to helping you stay informed and prepared as the situation develops.

Our MeMD medical team is available 24/7 to assist you and your family from the comfort of home if you believe you have symptoms of the virus.

ASG Coronavirus Program, powered by MeMD, offers resources to help you manage the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our service includes:

    • Telehealth visits including screening for COVID-19, IgG Antibody testing, referral for PCR testing and help identifying testing facilities.
    • Return to work programs, including excuse notes and return to work orders.
    • COVID-19 updates on a monthly basis to keep members informed.

ASG can help you manage the pandemic and keep your workplace healthy.

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Caregiving Resources

Solutions to help Caregivers and Families when caring for a loved one.

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Assimilated Strategy Group (ASG) provides caregiving resources at no additional charge when you purchase our ASG Health Services Hub with Patient Advocacy.

Nearly half (forty-two percent) of adults in their 40’s and 50’s have parents over the age of sixty- five and are raising a young child or financially supporting a grown child, who is over age 18. The financial and emotional stress can be overwhelming at times.

ASG provides resources to help Members with caregiving needs. Our services are included in our ASG Health Services Hub and include:

    • CareOptions®: a self-help resource center with many caregiving resources at Member’s fingertips.
    • CarePatrol: provides access to a free of charge Certified Senior Care Advisor, who offer quick, effected solutions to your caregiving needs. CarePatrol can help you with:
      • Senior Housing Options
      • In-Home Caregiving or companion services
      • Elder Law referrals
      • Long-term care financial planners
      • Veteran assistance
      • Government programs
      • and much more…
    • Patient Advocacy: when our patient advocacy services are purchased you will also have access to patient advocates who can also assist with many caregiving needs.

ASG is committed to proving caregiving services that will help Members improve their financial and emotional status. We look forward to adding services that will meet our Member needs.

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Virtual Primary Care

Access to Virtual Primary Care that helps manage employee’s health.

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In today’s world, employees expect their benefits to meet their health, wellness, and financial needs while remaining accessible and easy-to-understand. Striving to meet expectations, employers are left with increased healthcare premiums and decreased access to care. So how does everyone win?, Enter, Virtual Primary Care.

The Business Case for Virtual Primary Care (VPC)

High-quality, affordable primary care is imperative for individuals and families. Yet in today’s world, check-ups and routine care must be handled differently. We help your employees get the primary care services they need – virtually – with U.S. board-certified providers while helping them avoid costly in-office visits, all powered by MeMD.

Virtual Primary Care provides:

    • Cost Savings: $0 visit fee, prescription discounts and intelligent referrals.
    • Convenience: Care on your schedule, VCP visits within 42 hours and 27/7 virtual urgent care.
    • Connection: Personal care navigation team, you see the same virtual PCP, on-demand chat 24/7.
    • Access: Lab work/imaging, wellness/annual visits included.
    • Ongoing chronic care management.

Raising the Bar for Virtual Primary Care

Unlike other solutions on the market today, we offer groups the same longstanding advantages of in-person primary care – but within a virtual platform. Happier employees and a bottom line means everyone wins!

    • 36% of people ages 18-49 do not have a PCP*
    • 6.1% employer’s projected cost increase for 2021 without plan design changes+*
    • 300% increase in the use of telehealth since the start of 2019*

*See sources at MeMD.me/VPC 

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Personal Patient Advocacy

Access to an unbiased personal advocate to help navigate the healthcare world.

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Personalized Approach to Health Care

Personalized Approach to Health Care

A Patient Advocate is an essential, compassionate, and patient-first component of a Member’s benefit plan. ASG            Patient Advocacy helps Members in obtaining immediate help to navigate healthcare. One quick call, we help reduce costs, assist Members with employer and community resources, and provide the peace of mind knowing a compassionate unbiased advocate is working on your behalf.

How we can help Members:

    • Directing and referring to appropriate specialists, centers of excellence and assisting with securing second
    • Answers questions about benefits, medical tests, treatments, and medications.
    • Help in scheduling hard-to-access physicians.
    • Finding lower-cost providers and procedures and assistance with ASG Benefit tools.
    • Arrangements for durable medical equipment, as needed, upon discharge from an acute care setting or skilled nursing facility.
    • Assistance with locating assisted living facilities or group homes and arranging an evaluation for admission.
    • Help understanding exchanges.
    • Transfer of necessary medical documentation and test results, including x-ray films to a consulting physician’s appointment.
    • Facilitation with hospice evaluation and services.
    • Assistance in resolving errors in claim denials and/or billing issues.
    • Research community resources, if necessary, to procure additional finances and services

Bill Review

Many times, consumers are confused with their medical bills. Do I need to pay this one? Have I met my deductible? I do not understand my EOB and what are the services that I am being billed for? Sometimes there are billing mistakes.

Included with Patient Advocacy, we include Bill Review for our Members. Patient Advocates will work with Members to help them understand and negotiate with providers and their medical insurance to make sure what they pay is correct and not overpriced.

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Online Financial Education

Robust personal financial education to help increase financial literacy.

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Are financial questions keeping you up at night?

We have the answers to help you put to rest those financial questions and create wealth. If knowledge is power, what does master financial topics do for you?

ASG Financial Education is education for the 99%

With over 30 hours of course work, participant learn:

    • Identify and understand influences on their financial behaviors.
    • Create and maintain personalized budgets.
    • Savings strategies and how to leverage compound interest.
    • Understand their credit scores and how to create a credit plan.
    • Savings and preparing for college and retirement.
    • How to build a financial support team.
    • How insurance works and tools to save money.

ASG Financial Online Learning Center, powered by Prosper Labs is an engaging, interactive learning platform designed to improve participants’ financial capabilities. The programming has been widely recognized for its ability to connect with students and inspire them to take positive financial action.

The eLearning platform leverages best practices in online personal finance education, high- grade content, and vivid design to create a unique learning experience where participants start to act toward building a sound financial foundation. The online personal finance lessons are interactive, practical, and fun, yet also meet core educational standards.

The flexible design accommodates a variety of schedules, learning outcomes, and provides blended learning options. Organizations have used the platform to conduct workshops of various lengths, after-school programs, weekend seminars, camps, in-class training, lunch-and-learns, for-credit college classes, year-long courses, and various other formats.

ASG Financial Education provides financial strategies that help employees and consumers to be more informed. We offer this as a stand-alone program or for greater savings can be incorporated with other ASG Services.

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Direct Provider Contracting

Custom provider direct contracting program to reduce the cost of burden of conventional health plans.

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It’s time to take back control of the health care dollars that you are spending! When you self-fund your health care plan, YOU are the insurance company. It is your money and responsibility to seek solutions that empower your organization to better manage the health claim experience that traditionally increases year after year. ASG and Patient PAL offers a direct contracting that offers a variety of benefit including:

    • Patient-Centered Medical Home Certified providers.
    • Costs are reduced and medically management is enhanced.
    • Price Transparency.
    • Middle men are removed.
    • Directly linked to the preferred hospital system and their providers.
    • Stricter checks and balances are established and quality increases.

Direct Contracting eliminates the need to contract with Medical Insurance Carriers. With this custom network option, self-funded employer groups could see savings up to 40% on healthcare cost in the first year. We have the relationships with Hospital Systems across the country and is the leader in this model. Our Direct Contracting Option will provide the claims payment process, medical management and the plan documents that will outline benefits that will enhance your health care offering while providing diminishing costs.

Contact ASG today to get started on a new health care option.

Health Services Hub

Easy-to-use access to members’ health & wealth solutions.

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Each member has access to ASG’s Health Services Hub that is engaging and easy-to-use. Members can access the ASG Health Services Hub through a computer, tablet, or mobile devices and is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

The ASG Health Services Hub is customized to the services available to them and provides a wealth of information that keeps them on a healthy path. 

ASG Health Services Hub Advantages:

    • All resources in one convenient place
    • Comprehensive and easy to use.
    • Packed with health, wealth, and wellness information.

Additional Health and Wellness Resources at no additional cost including:

    • CareOptions®: provides an extensive collection of vital information, care resources, important documents, health assessment tools, and care planning solutions.
    • Caregiving Resources: Caregiving resources through CareOptions® and CarePatrol.
    • ASG Health Mart: Shop health and wellness items at discount prices and shipped free.
    • Health & Wellness News Feeds and Library: Health and wellness related news information through the continuous news feed.
    • Personal Calculators: Personalized calculators to assess your personal health.
    • Risk Assessments: Online assessments to evaluate your overall health risk, diabetic risk, cardiac risk, and fitness level.
    • Exercise Library: Offers a variety of exercises to choose from, including total-body exercises or movements that target more specific areas of the body.
    • Gym & Home Fitness Membership Program: GlobalFit membership program providing Gym Membership Discounts, On-line Fitness Options, and Nutritional and Lifestyle Programs.

Build a Customized Look

Create better visibility with your Members!

ASG can customize our Health Service Hub to your brand. When we provide a customized look, it helps to drive your members to the site and provide links to other critical information that is vital for members to manage their health care.

Customization can include:

    • Dedicated URL
    • Customized to client logo
    • Customized content

Contact Us to discuss how we can customize an engaging access point for your employee.

ASG Health Mart & Reward Program

Discounted shopping experience for Members, with the opportunity to provide Employer rewards.

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The ASG Health Mart is your Employees’ gateway to healthy products at discounted prices. From trackers to memory products,

ASG Health Mart provides:

    • Customized secure shopping portal.
    • Best in class brands at discounted pricing.
    • Employer subsidy vouchers. Only pay when redeemed.
    • Wellness credits and reimbursements.
    • Free shipping.
    • No setup fees or minimums.
    • Wellness coaching kits.

Our highly customizable coaching kits are made to fit your specifications and include kits for gym enthusiasts, seniors, diabetics, children, and everything in between.

Reward Program

ASG can provide vouchers to reward employees. Increase engagement in your benefits packages or reward employees for healthy behaviors. ASG will work with you to develop a reward program that works for your culture.

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