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Engaging Employees

Comprehensive approach to engage, educate, and empower employees to increase utilization with cost-saving solutions.

Key to Engaging Utilization

Engage, Educate, & Empower

ASG provides a comprehensive approach to engage, educate, and empower Members to utilize our proven cost-saving solutions. ASG does this by:

  • Thorough engaging implementation process.
  • Focusing on each proven solution that works.
  • Constant and consistent engagement communication process.
  • Detailed Report and Analysis

We know the industry with decades of insurance, wellness, and engagement experience. Our approach is to provide creative solutions and ease of implementation and administration.

Our personal approach is simple: work with you, work for you, and work to meet your health insurance plan goals.

Engaging Employees at Assimilated Strategy Group
Human Resources Partnerships with Assimilated Strategy Group

Human Resource Assistance

The success of any benefit program is engaging employees to understand and then utilize their benefits. Human Resource Departments spend a good portion of their day helping employees through the health care insurance maze. During open enrollment periods, this is even more daunting.

ASG’s approach is to work with Human Resource Departments and help reduce their workloads when it comes to benefits. Our goal is accomplished by:

    • Employee access to advocates who can help with benefit questions.
    • Streamlined administration to reduce data collection and billing.
    • Ongoing employee communications to educate and empower.
    • Timely reporting data to see what is working and what improvements can be made.

Human Resource is critical with any benefits program but ASG helps to take the day-to-day burdens off their desks. We work with you and your trusted advisors to design an approach that works for your company.

Customized Approach

ASG can work with you to design a customized approach that fits into your company culture. From a customized Health Services Hub to customized educational materials, ASG provides the expertise to help engage, educate and empower employees.

ASG Engaging Employees

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