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This year continues to stress businesses with layoffs, furloughs, changing work environments, and increased risk. Employers struggle to bring employees back to work, while employees worry about returning to a safe workspace. Balancing this tight rope is daunting and requires a sound plan to help to mitigate the risk for employers. With a proper plan, employees will have the confidence to return to work.

Dr. Nicholas Lorenzo, MD, Chief Medical Officer at MeMD has stated, “No matter what happens with the vaccine or therapeutics, COVID-19 will be with us through the 2020-21 cold& flu season and probably beyond. As the goal posts continue to move sound Covid-19 workplace management is critical.

Assimilated Strategy Group (ASG) is working with employers to provide the tools and services that help educate, engage, and empower employees in navigating the coronavirus pandemic. When employees correctly navigate the pandemic, the employer’s risk is reduced, and a confident employee returns to work.

So how do employers have increased COVID risk?

Employers continue to see how they can bring employees safely back to the workplace, as changes must be made to keep social distancing and prevent the virus’s spread. If an employee contracts the coronavirus, the employee is sent home to recover, and the employer does extensive contact tracing to find out who has been exposed.

When employees are ready to return to work, employers must return to work notes and confirm that the employee is COVID free. But what if the employee comes back and there is new spread in the workplace? Who is going to be held responsible? How can employers reduce their risk? Employers are concerned with lawsuits that could be significant.

What defines a return-to-work strategy?

Returning employees to work involves some critical components to be effective. These steps include:

  • Re-Open workplaces safely and responsibly.
  • Physical distance between teammates / co-workers.
  • Keeping non-essential people at home or alternating shifts.
  • Keeping sick employees from going to work.
  • Cleaning practices, before and after shifts.
  • Meeting legal & compliance requirements.
  • Provide reassurance to your employees.

How does ASG help Employers reduce exposure?

What do you do if COVID-`9 shows up at the workplace? Employers need to know how to monitor, test, evaluate, and treat people safely. Helping employers develop a safety net is where ASG starts.

ASG offers a suite of products that help employees save time and money. But we do much more by helping employees and employers navigate the pandemic and develop a sound a return-to-work strategy. We keep employees informed by providing an ongoing engagement, education, and empowerment program that helps to drive employees to the right solutions the first time.

Our Patient Advocacy program provides direct access to Patient Advocates, who help employees navigate the pandemic. Patient Advocates answer concerning questions, help find appropriate providers, schedule appointments, navigate the insurance world, and negotiate billing issues. Patient Advocates help to plug employees into the health system in the correct place at the proper time.

We provide TeleHealth options that included:

  • 24/7 /365 Virtual Care
  • Teletherapy
  • COVID-19 Symptom Screener
  • Medical Excuse Notes
  • Medical Release Notes
  • At-Home Testing

Working with employers and their trusted advisors, we can offer a competitive solution that can help employers and your employees during the pandemic.

Learn more about ASG’s effective return to work program for your employees.