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Minnetonka, MN – The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a concern for many employers as they return employees from remote to onsite work environments and families return to school and other aspects of their daily lives. Assimilated Strategy Group (ASG) has introduced several COVID-19 programs to help employers and their employees. These innovative programs help employees who suspect they have or been exposed to COVID-19 and assist employers in returning employees to work. ASG, and our partner MeMD, allows employees to connect with a virtual provider, check symptoms with our Symptom Checker, and help find the right course of action. In addition, ASG now provides employers with a complete Return-to-Work program to reassure employees and bring them back safely. These services offer a proactive response for employers when safety is a concern for all.

“The need for remote services during the pandemic has increased. We are providing an innovative online tool designed to help policyholders keep their workers healthy and safe,” said David Bondeson, President and CEO of Assimilated Strategy Group. “Assimilated Strategy Group is committed to helping employees and employers better manage the risks, and this value-added service demonstrates our continued commitment.”

Employees displaying symptoms of COVID can speak via phone or video 24/7 to a board-certified provider, who can recommend the best course of action. This secure, virtual service allows them to remain safely at home, without risking additional exposure to the virus. The COVID-19 Symptom Checker and Physician Access service are provided by MeMD, a leader in telemedicine solutions. In addition, employers have an opportunity to add a comprehensive Return-to-Work solution to bring employees back to work safely with excuse notes, release notes, and in-home testing.

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Assimilated Strategy Group (ASG) is a health & financial engagement company providing solutions proven to reduce out-of-pocket expenses for employees, save them time when accessing healthcare, and reduce employers’ bottom-line spending. Our products included: Patient Advocacy, TeleHealth, Price & Quality Transparency, Financial Education, and other services included within our easy-to-use Health Services Hub. We custom solutions to meet the need of our clients and then engage and educate, to obtain utilization rates above industry averages.